terça-feira, 11 de agosto de 2015

Me and my stupid mind again

I´m feeling alone (but I know I'm not) and complety empty.
I can't explain in other way.

I have no really dreams, targets or goals.

OK. I hope marry my boyfriend and have kids. I hope to be able to get a "good" and more stable job (in a country with higher unemployed people).
I try every day doing my best in my tasks, it doesn't mean I'm an expert.

But it´s not enough. I need a real goal. I need to use my mind. I'm not stronger enough.

Note 1: I´m sorry about my English, I´m improving it.
Note 2 : Nino, we don't know what's hapennig with you (you could suffer) we only can pray to "Our Lady of Fatima" for you. Sorry you, 5 days in hospital and probably it will be more :(

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