domingo, 12 de julho de 2015


Hello Nino!
I hope you don't have mental or physical pain, we don't know what we can more do for you. Mom tries everything you know. I'm far far away from you I only make calls.

I'm trying get my life according "the less you care the happier will be". Do you know how I'm a worried person. 

I was angry with a friend because their attitude with me. But i'm so ingenuous I answer her in angry mood, sayed what I thought exactly. 

No one match going to beach with her car, last day at almost 11 p.m. . I invited another college to go. In d-day "i don't know if I can"... and no more one answer after calling her. 

One other collegue said me long time ago she dismatch everything in last minute because a guy or other plans she thought more interesting.

She helped me during hard time in my life, and I respected her by her attitude unexpected. But she is always like that... unexpect character!

I have to accept it! 

PS: We don't agree with x, y, z situations but we have to accept it, doesn't matter if the other is boyfriend, friend, collegue, family, boss, and so on. Accept and lead with it. Sometimes, when we react, mainly with proud character, the answer is the end point. 

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