quarta-feira, 29 de julho de 2015

What kind of disease I have, Nino?

I thought I had an schizoid personality... untill my psychiatrist asked me yesterday "asperger, no?".
Boried and angry I answered "no". Some hesitation after, but I said immediatly "no".~

I explained my symptoms and my mind fight. He changed me some prescription and said me to do more clinical tests and sessions psycology.

I didn't know what was this disease, I had a complete wrong ideia about (smart people who are not able to communicate "normally" only that sympotms).

Now, I'm thinking I have Asperger Syndrome. Do you believe, Nino?
I´m not so smart as well, but I see myself in three phases of Asperger. It was happened with me and still happens!

Whatever disease I have I know how to control. Sometimes I win, sometimes I lose.
Thank you Nino for everything.

I hope you get better soon. Say to mom how to help you (talk with her mind, please?), she's always with you for everything.

Do you notice, Nino? Mom have not one deficient son (stupid virus in your brain) but two children. Life is really hard from our mom, wasn't it?

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